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NAME Bruce Ainge
AGE 75
ROLES Songwriter : Keyboards : Programmer : Producer/Arranger


At 14, Bruce bought his first acoustic guitar and started writing songs. Some years later, he had moved from Dagenham, Essex to South London and was now exclusively using his beloved 12-string Epiphone jumbo guitar. In due course, although not in a party mood, at a party thrown by a friend, Bruce found a superb Fender 6-string guitar in the front room of the house where the party was held. It belonged to Hilary, and thus began a road to marriage and a long and loving relationship. When Bruce found that Hilary played the piano, he decided that they must always have a keyboard to hand. But, their family was very important to them, and as their family grew, musical aspirations took a back seat. They bought a basic Karaoke system so that they could all sing for their own enjoyment. In due course, their karaoke system grew into a powerful, full fledged PA system with lighting. Singing all evening was something the whole family was taking up. Bruce decided to invest in a full recording studio and learnt a computer sequencer programme. This soon gave way to the purchase of a major software upgrade. Which then gave way to the full, top of the range software package. As Bruce is a computer engineer and technician, he built a powerful PC system based around the need to produce music, and nothing else. He went on to purchase three new keyboards and more software was added, then even more hardware. But, although now fully equipped to produce excellent quality music, Bruce realised that the music industry was geared to something other than just good music. Not only was age a barrier, but so was image. Hence was born the AMF philosophy.