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Two New Songs added

Monday 15th 2005f August 2005 02:19

Yes, it's taken a while, but we have just added two new songs (at last). The songs have been added to the 'Empowered' album. They are the uplifting 'Out Of The Blue' and the strange but powerful, 'Another Night'. Again, these songs demonstrate our flexibility in song styles. 'Out Of The Blue', is a style that is defying us at the moment. Come to think of it, both songs are giving us a problem in identifying the song style. So these are AMF style songs. Have a listen, and see what you think. We have 4 more songs being worked on as I write. And there's still more that will be added by the end of the year.



Over 400 original songs now available .

Friday 03rd 2004f December 2004 21:50

News IconHaving not had studio time this year we have not stopped writing, and we now have over 400 songe in may different genres available for use by recording artistes, record companies, film production etc. If you are looking for good high quality songs, with great melodies and real lyrics, please e-mail us. All can be provided with high quality arrangements and vocals, if necessary.
You can also call on 07742 154525.



More new tracks coming In the next two weeks!

Friday 03rd 2004f December 2004 21:41

News IconDue to heavy commitments we have been unable to spend time in the studio this year. However, look out for new tracks in the next two weeks!! Watch this space.



Please leave a message in our new Guestbook

Friday 02nd 2004f April 2004 16:00

News IconYou can now leave an entry in our guestbook, telling us what you think of the music, the site, whatever you want. Your feedback is vital to us, so please send us your comments.

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Retail outlet confirmed. / Publishers wanted.

Thursday 19th 2004f February 2004 21:58

News IconRainham Bookshop in Station Road, Rainham, Kent, are now stocking "Just 4 U" featuring singer "Coralie Raven".


We have an extensive catalogue of high quality songs. All songs on this site available as demos.
Snap us up now before you are too late



4 great new songs

Thursday 20th 2003f November 2003 14:03

News IconCalling - Save The Whale : Is an emotive song conjuring images of the sea and highlighting the cruelty of mankind on harmless creatures being hounded into oblivion. Features Bethany (8 yrs). A track for the Empowered album.

Hello Beautiful Stranger : Is whimsical and calming. We defy anyone to remain in a mood after hearing this a few times. A gentle, lilting melody with a dreamy theme. Possibly for the first time, the break features a beautiful harp with a tuba. (Stuck I n Time)

So, You're Back : After leaving home for some time, he wants to come back. Is it that simple? We don't think so. A swinging big band sound. (Stuck In Time album)

I Wanna Wake Up : Mature love brings home the knowledge that age doesn't reduce the emotions. Love is forever, a celebration of living a shared life. The song is a powerful ballad with a jazz feel. (The Empowered Album)



New website launched!

Tuesday 18th 2003f November 2003 14:04

News IconWelcome to the new AMF website! Released today, the site has undergone a big change in its look and style. Expect to see more updates and features coming very soon.

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