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December 2004

So, You're Back

The track has just been mastered, and can be found on the album called 'Stuck In Time'.

From the opening few bars to the last breath (literally), this Jazz Swing number keeps you going with a big band sound. Retro, for sure. More than a hint of Glen Miller on this soft and gentle song. Trombones and trumpets dominate, along with a walking bass line that never stops. Not true actually, it does stop in the music later, a pause that introduces an unexpected halt to all instruments apart from some percussion. Then it plays out with the main signature theme, which by now you can't get enough of. A splendid track that takes an older style and brings it up to date. No electronic stuff in this one, it's just as it might have been played 50 years ago.
The soft, quiet vocal is by Hilary, who shows a gentle side to her nature. She sings about a man that left her to get on with life on her own. Like most women are capable of, this is something she manages to do. Then, having failed in whatever he left to do, he re-appears and wants to be back in her life again (yeah, typical). So, here are the lyrics:

So, You're Back

So, you're back, I thought you'd 'gone for good'
I never thought you would come back to me
It's a shame, you didn't think ahead
Now you must really dread, crawling on your knees


Or did you think I'd forgive your shame? think again
Perhaps you thought I'd be fine, in my own time
But things can never really be the same, it's a shame
You've gone and crossed an uncrossable line

So, you're back, you've shaken off the dust
But you destroyed the trust, I had in you
If you think you can start afresh
You'll have to second guess what I'm going to do


Now You're back, what is there left to say?
You turned and walked away when I neeed you
Well, you're back and I must try to live
While I learn to forgive what you put me through