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The AMF Singing Pool


Coralie just wants to sing, which is why she came to us to sing on AMF albums. After she told us she was off to Las Vegas later in the year, we wrote 10 new songs (tailored to her personality and to showcase her singing style), which will go with her. These 10 tracks now appear on the 'Just 4 U' album. It wouldn't be for the first time she'd sung in the US of A. She has also appeared on Florida TV, for the Jack Harris Show. She has also sung in Holland and Egypt by the Red Sea (at the luxury Sheritons Hotel). Coming from a musical family that encouraged her singing career, she first appeared in public for her school choir, and at 15 she sang in working mens clubs. From there she appeared at the Bob Hope Theatre and met with some jazz musicians, who introduced her to the Greenwich pub and club scene. She later went on to appear on the Two Ronnies TV Show and in a series with Peter Bowles. She has lost count of the TV commercials she has been in. Locally, she has been on Radio Kent with a distinguished audience that included HRH Duchess of Kent. She has also sung in many hotels and clubs in and around London. She just wants to sing, and would do so down coal mines if asked to.