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AMF albums are ?6.95 stirling each, (16 Euros or $17). This price includes delivery. (Information correct as of 17-02-2005)

Please Note: There are three albums available: 'Legacy' from AMF, the Coralie Raven album, 'Just 4 U', and the compilation album 'Stunning'. Go to the 'Tracks' page and have a listen. Four more projects are being worked on.
Updating the website will occur regularly.

Song titles will appear in the song lists for each album and sound samples will be available when each song has been mastered. We will announce the subsequent release of all albums as soon as all songs in the list have been mastered and the sleeve design has been finalised.

To order available albums (see site list of current albums and tracks), is easy. Just click on the Add To Cart button for the album, in the 'Albums and Tracks' section. This is a credit card payment system. The rest is automatic. If you'd rather pay by cheque, Postal Order, Bankers Draft or Credit Transfer, then email us with your details and post your cheque to:

16, Nine Acres Road
Cuxton, Kent.

Include your name and address and the delivery address (if different to your home address). Delivery will take about 10 - 14 days (allowing for cheque clearance and postal delivery). Paying by credit card using the PayPal facility (see the 'Tracks' page) is faster, taking only 4 or 5 days for delivery (in the UK).

Whatever way you'd like to order AMF music, we'd appreciate an email from you expressing your intention (as a forewarning, to speed things up). You can do this by clicking on the following link.
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